Oct 16, 2020

Some farmers increased planted area under winter crops despite adverse weather - APK-Inform




Polling carried by APK-Inform revealed that some farmers increased planted area under winter crops despite near-complete absence of precipitation across the entire territory of Ukraine in July-September, declared Head of the Business project unit at APK-Inform, Andriy Kupchenko within the online conference Winter planting campaign-2020 in Ukraine: conditions, threats, farmers’ strategy on October 16.

Particularly, 18% of respondents increased planted area under winter wheat by up to 50%, winter barley - by 15% and winter rapeseed - by 28%. 73%, 72% and 56% of respondents correspondingly kept the area under these crops unchanged.

Planting campaign is delayed significantly. As of the date of polling (September 28 - October 10), only 34% of respondents completed the planting campaign of winter wheat, 30% - of winter barley and 59% - of winter rapeseed.

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