Consulting services of APK-Inform Agency

Consulting services are a unique product that meets the individual requirements of the customer and reflects the specifics of the market or its segment under investigation. Each direction has not only an assessment of the current period, but also medium-term and long-term development forecasts.

Main directions


  • Information about enterprises of the agro-industrial complex

  • Statistics of production and processing of agricultural products

  • Price monitoring

  • Statistics of foreign trade in grain, oilseeds and by-products

  • Characteristics and volumes of transshipment in seaports



  • Markets of grain, leguminous, oilseeds and their products

  • Segments of the livestock sector

  • MTR markets

  • Logistics
  • Fruit and vegetable market



  • Ukraine
  • Russia
  • EU countries

  • Near East

  • North Africa

  • Kazakhstan

Materials are provided in PDF format in Ukrainian, Russian or English to choose from.

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