Market of maize and its by-products in Ukraine

During several recent years, Ukraine became one of the key players on the world market of maize, which conditions to analyze formation of the market in Ukraine, and forecast its future development. Therefore, APK-Inform Agency offers the multi-client study "Market of maize and its by-products in Ukraine".

The study will provide the characteristics of the production of maize for grain in Ukraine during recent 5 years, with the detailed analysis of the dynamics of changes of the planted areas under the grain, features of cultivation in different soil-climatic zones of the country, and profitability indices of the grain production under various growing and selling conditions.

There will be also analyzed the main directions of usage of maize on the domestic market, including the alcohol industry and the production of bioethanol. According to the analysis results, there will be presented the ratings of the major maize processors.

The analysis of the dynamics of foreign trading of Ukrainian maize, indicating the major grain exporters, countries-importers, major shipping ports and features of realization of the export supplies will be one of the key sections of the study.

According to results of the analysis of production, domestic consumption and exports of maize, the Agency proposes the scenario of development of the Ukrainian market of the grain in the short-term prospect.




Methodology of the study

1 Maize production in Ukraine

  1.1 Dynamics of maize production in Ukraine

  1.2 Zoning of grain production

  1.3 Price situation on the market of maize

  1.4 Profitability of maize production

  1.5 Directions of maize consumption

2 Supply and demand balances of maize

  2.1 Domestic processing of maize

2.2.1. Production of flour milling and starch commodities (food concentrates)

2.2.2. Main producers with market shares

2.3 Usage in the alcohol industry (polling data)

3 Foreign trading

3.1 Dynamics of exports / imports of maize from / to Ukraine

3.2 Major countries-buyers /suppliers of maize to Ukraine

3.3 Rating (ТОР-10-20) of the largest companies-exporters of maize

4 Position of Ukraine on the world market of maize

5 Prospects of development of the maize market in Ukraine on short and medium-term prospect.