Market of maize and its by-products in Russia

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The maize market is one of the most dynamically growing segments of grain crops on the Russian market. During 3 recent years the production volume showed the record growth rates. In terms of favorable weather conditions during the harvesting campaign, in the current year the maize production in Russia may reach 12.3 mln tonnes, which will become another record index of production of the reporting grain crop.

Due to increasing of the production, Russia considerably strengthened its positions on the global maize market. According to the USDA estimations, in 2013/14 MY Russia occupied the 5th position in the list of countries-exporters of the grain, with the share of 3.2% in the general world export structure. It should be noted that two seasons ago, Russia took the 9th position only in the rating of countries-exporters of maize.

Also, in recent years the domestic consumption of maize has significantly increased, mainly due to rising of maize usage for feeding purposes.

Within frames of preparation of the study, APK-Inform analysts used the official statistics data (the Federal State Statistics Service, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation), and the polling of agricultural producers engaged in cultivation of maize in Russia.




1. Maize production in Russia

1.1. Dynamics of maize harvests in Russia

1.2. Zonality of maize production

1.3. Seed material

1.4. Price situation on the domestic market of maize in 2013/14 MY

1.5. Cost estimating for maize production

2. Distribution of maize grain in Russia and its domestic consumption

2.1. Supply and demand balances of maize in Russia

2.2. Maize by-products

3. Foreign trade with Russian maize and its by-products

3.1. Dynamics of maize exports from Russia

3.2. Geography of maize export supplies

3.3. Rating of maize exporters from Russia

3.4. Exports of maize by-products from Russia

General conclusions, and forecast of the market development in the nearest future


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