The substantial overproduction of corn in Ukraine and the decline in profitability of this segment, amid falling prices in world markets, open up new opportunities for the development of domestic processing. Today, Ukraine produces 3 times more corn than is necessary for domestic consumption. At the same time, all unclaimed grain is exported as a raw material. On the one hand, this approach brings quick currency earnings. But, on the other hand, the size of this revenue is under pressure from a global decline in commodity markets, which, given the growth in domestic production costs, reduces the overall profitability of growing this crop. One of the ways to preserve and increase profitability is the development of the domestic processing industry and the sale of value-added products, the price of which is not so significant. And one of the promising areas of development of the domestic processing segment is deep processing of corn.

In order to summarize information about the opportunities and prospects for the development of deep processing of corn in Ukraine, experts of APK-Inform Agency multi-client study “Opportunities and prospects for the deep processing of corn in Ukraine”. As part of the study, information was collected on trends and the state of the raw material base in this segment, the main assortment and technologies for obtaining deep processing products, current trends in the Ukrainian market for these products, and also analyzed world experience and trends in the global market.

The results of the analysis showed that today the market for deep processing products in Ukraine is very narrow. Production has been established in just a few enterprises in four regions of the country. At the same time, for example, the production of modified corn starch in 2015 amounted to a little more than 800 tons, and the import of these products is estimated at 14.1 thousand tons or an amount of 16.6 million USD. With the existing surplus raw material base and this level of demand, it is reasonable to further increase the domestic production of these products. In the new study you can also find information about the trends in the markets of other promising products of deep processing of corn.

Table of contents


1. Raw material base and its distribution

1.1. The main trends in the production of corn in Ukraine

2. Assortment of deep processed corn products

2.1. General structure of corn processing

2.2. Starch and powder production

2.3. Maltose treacle

2.4. Glutamic acid (monosodium glutamate)

2.5. Bioethanol

3. Trends in the market of products of deep processing of corn in Ukraine

3.1 Production and distribution of starch production in Ukraine

3.2 Prospects for the production of bioethanol in Ukraine

3.3 Trends in the market of maltose in Ukraine

4. Global trends and experience in the production of products of deep processing of corn

4.1. Trends in the global market for starch production

4.2. Trends in the global corn bioethanol market

General conclusions


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