In the current Ukrainian realities, the processing of soybeans in general and its deep processing, in particular, is a strategic, investment-attractive business. Given the shortage of high-quality soy protein and dependence on its imports, as well as the growing tension in the market of sunflower raw materials, the minimum margin of the majority of oil producing enterprises, there is a need to diversify business lines and produce products with high added value.

In this context, soy has a number of advantages, such as sufficient raw materials supply, demand for processed products in the domestic and export markets, the increase in the cost of animal protein, the promotion of healthy food, etc.

Interest in soy proteins is growing in the field of fodder production, the production of food products is increasing with the introduction of soy proteins. Soy as well as possible is suitable for full or partial replacement of animal proteins with vegetable proteins. Products with the addition of vegetable proteins are classified as healthy foods with an improved nutrient balance compared to traditional foods.

The purpose of this study is to determine the current trends and prospects of the Ukrainian market of soybeans and its derivative products, in particular, the analysis of raw materials, production, use, import and export of soybeans and soybean products, potential opportunities and "narrow" market places.



1. Raw material base

1.1. The main trends in soybean production in Ukraine

1.2.Soybean Supply and Distribution Balance

1.3. Soybean quality

1.4. Pricing in the soybean market

2. Uses of soy in Ukraine

2.1. Structure of domestic consumption

2.2. Industrial processing

2.3. Production of soybean oil and meal/cake

3. Trends in the market of soybean deep processing products

3.1. The development of deep processing of soybeans in the world

3.2. Total range of soybean deep processed products

3.3. Soybean meal and other solid waste from oil extraction

3.4. Soy isolate

3.5. Soy concentrate and textured protein substances

3.6. Soy flour

3.7. Soy lecithin

3.8. Soy sauce

4. Technological features of soybean deep processing

5. Soybean processing projects

6. Features of the Ukrainian market of soybean deep processing. SWOT analysis.

List of illustrations

List of tables


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