The development of exports of agricultural products and related industries in Ukraine is due both to the growing demand for food products on the world market and the development of technology, which ensures an increase in domestic production. Also important factors are the expansion of sales markets for Ukrainian products and the revitalization of export-oriented companies, both in the search for the most profitable sales directions and in the development of export infrastructure. At the same time, the key role in trade in agricultural products is assigned to the supply of grain, the share of which, at the end of 2015, amounted to 16% of the total exports of goods from Ukraine and 42% of the total exports of agricultural products.

In the new study of IA "APK-Inform" "Export of grain cargoes from Ukraine" an analysis of the development of this segment in the context of five major crops: wheat, barley, maize, soybeans and canola. For each of the crops, the dynamics of export deliveries are presented, as well as their transport support and terms of trade. The rating of exporters is made and export geography is considered. The dynamics of export prices in each of the considered segments was also analyzed.

Separate sections of the study are devoted to the analysis of the work of infrastructure facilities that ensure the export of agricultural products from Ukraine. In particular, the performance indicators of the railway for the transport of grain cargoes are considered. The main characteristics of the Ukrainian seaports are also presented and the TOP-10 grain terminals dossiers are collected. The analysis outlined the prospects for the development of port transshipment and export of Ukrainian agricultural products in general.

The main sources of information for this study are the official statistics of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, Ukrzaliznytsia and the Administration of the seaports of Ukraine, as well as the results of the own monitoring of the information agency APK- Inform.

Research Plan:


  1. Main indicators of foreign trade in Ukraine

  2. Indicators of exports of grain cargoes from Ukraine

  3. Performance of rail transport in the transport of grain cargo

  4. Performance indicators of seaports of Ukraine

  5. Grain terminals of Ukraine

  6. Trends and prospects for the development of port transshipment in Ukraine

  7. Applications

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