For several recent years, Ukraine demonstrated rather active development of the grain storage system. While realizing the significance of additional treatment and high-quality storage of crop stocks, in order to receive more favourable prices for their products, agricultural producers started constructing their own capacities in more active way. At the same time, it should be noted the significant differences in the preferences and requirements of farmers to the building objects in terms of their technological infrastructure, designated use, average capacities, etc. In order to recognize patterns in the preferences of Ukrainian agricultural producers, as well as estimate the prospects for further development of the storage system, APK-Inform Agency together with the Ukrainian Grain Elevator Association (UGEA) announce a new comprehensive study of the reporting market segment.

Study purposes:

  • estimation of the prospects for development of the storage system in Ukraine until 2030;
  • recognition of patterns in utilization of granaries directly in Ukrainian agricultural enterprises;
  • formation of the main criteria and requirements of farmers in construction of granaries;
  • determination of the basic approaches to financing of the modernization or construction of granaries in agricultural enterprises.


  • Basing on the fundamental analysis of secondary statistical information, the analysts will form the indicators of grain storage provision by regions of Ukraine, recognize the structure of the storage system in terms of storage types, as well as estimate the need for granaries in the medium term
  • In order to specify the preferences of Ukrainian farmers in the crop storage segment, the analysts will provide collection and analysis of the source information, through organization of the polling within representative sampling, including 600 agricultural enterprises with a land bank of more than 1000 hectares for each, and reflecting the regional structure of agricultural crops production, in comparison with the provision of granaries and their structure, for the further extrapolation of the results
  • Risk analysis will allow creating the list of fundamental and market factors, which hold back development of the industry in the medium term


Study plan

Block I. Basic analysis

  1. Trends and medium-term forecasts of grains and oilseeds production in Ukraine
  2. Analysis of granaries provision in the regions of Ukraine
  3. Formation of agricultural crop stocks in the regions of Ukraine: dynamics & structure
  4. Analysis of investment projects for the construction and global modernization of granaries for 3 recent years
  5. Trends in the trading of the storage system objects in Ukraine
  6. General conclusions & key factors of the storage system development in Ukraine

Block II. Analysis of agricultural producers' preferences in development of the storage system

  1. Estimation of the provision of Ukrainian farmers with granaries
  2. Analysis of the structure and general characteristics of granaries in agricultural enterprises
  3. Estimation of farmer satisfaction with the work of their own and third-party granaries
  4. Determination of the key criteria in decision making by farmers on the construction or modernization of granaries
  5. Analysis of agricultural producers' plans for the further development of their own granaries
  6. Analysis of the trends in adoption of innovative technologies in granaries of agricultural producers
  7. Analysis of the major financing methods for the construction or reconstruction of granaries in terms of agricultural enterprises
  8. Estimation of information support for farmers in terms of the storage system
  9. General conclusions

Risk analysis of the storage system development in Ukraine

Conclusions and estimation of the industry development prospects

Format of the reporting:

.pdf file with the analysis results in form of charts and tables, as well as text description

— main results and conclusions in form of a .ppt presentation

video presentation of the main results and conclusions


Delivery time of the study — July 8, 2020

Study price

  • In terms of 50% prepayment — 20`000 UAH
  • Purchasing of the finished study — 27`000 UAH


The organizers provide more detailed information:

Svyatoslav Tkachenko

+38 (063) 357-73-59

+38 (0562) 32-07-95

[email protected]