Trends of the Ukrainian flaxseed market


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In the season-2015/16, the world production of flaxseed continues developing in rather upward trend, and the harvest volumes may reach the highest level during 10 recent years - 2.65 mln tonnes. Expansion of the oilseed planted areas in key countries-producers contributes to further growing of the global harvest volumes of flaxseed. In the current season, in Ukraine flaxseed planted areas also reached its absolute record level - 62 thsd ha.


Taking into account the increasing interest in flaxseed production on both world and domestic markets, and in order to summarize the general market information and estimations of the major trends in the reporting segment, APK-Inform experts prepared the specialized market study "Trends of the Ukrainian flaxseed market".


The study focuses on the major tendencies on the world and Ukrainian market segments of flaxseed for 3-5 recent seasons, including the production volumes of the reporting oilseed, especially regional features of its cultivation, and shows the major directions for its usage. In addition, the study analyzes the tendencies of domestic processing and foreign trading with the oilseed in Ukraine. APK-Inform analysts show the key companies-processors and exporters, and the major export destinations.


During preparation of the present study, APK-Inform analysts used data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, Oil World, and results of our own monitoring, estimations and analysis works.



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