Grain and oilseeds exports from Ukraine: from СРТ to FOB & CIF

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To date, Ukraine is one of the key players on the global grain market. Its grain and oilseed markets are characterized with clear export orientation. According to the forecasts for 2013/14 MY, the share of exports of grains and pulses will cover 50% of their general production, the share of rapeseed exports - 93%, soybeans - 52%, and sunflower oil - 89%.

Active export trading with Ukrainian plant growing commodities and its by-products is conditioned by the presence of rather broad geographical diversity of selling markets and trade relations with importers, which are documented by various international contracts. In addition, during export operations traders transport agricultural commodities by different transportation means, which usually provide qualitative changes to the commodities. Therefore, there are formed additional risks for buyers or sellers, depending on terms of the contract.

APK-Inform Agency and International Law Firm InterLegal announce a new study focusing in two main directions: analysis of statistical information on the export trading of the major grains and oilseeds, and legal aspects of the export trade. In particular, within frames of the material there is analyzed in detail the dynamics of export supplies of the main grains and oilseeds from Ukraine in 2012/13 MY by various types of transport, and delivery conditions.



  • Dynamics of grains and oilseeds exports from Ukraine
  • Terms of delivery for exports of agricultural crops
  • Export geography of the major grains and oilseeds
  • Ties between supply contracts and transportation of commodities
  • Transport provision of the exports in 2012/13 MY
  • Terms of supply contracts and proprietary rights for the commodity
  • Export structure by delivery terms
  • Major differences in the supply of commodities on CPT, FOB and CIF terms
  • Commercial differences between CIF and FOB delivery terms
  • Freight risks
  • Risks associated with cargo volumes
  • Risks associated with qualitative indices
  • Insurance of goods
  • Settlements for the contracts of sale
  • Standard forms for sale contracts
  • Review of counterparties
  • Rating of the destination ports in the paid freight supply
  • Analysis of the freight rates in 2013
  • Disputes on execution the contracts of sale
  • Disputes that may be considered by FOSFA and GAFTA arbitrations
  • Time limits for having recourse to FOSFA и GAFTA arbitrations
  • Other arbitrations, agreed by the parties
  • Dispute settlement in the pre-arbitration manner
  • Features and arrangement of claims on demurrage
  • Certain conditions on calculation of laytime and demurrage
  • Standard rate of loading
  • Using weekends
  • Concurrently or sequentially loading with another forwarder
  • Security guarantees for berth
  • Force-majeure in the contracts of sale
  • Ice clause in the contracts of sale
  • Freight insurance and liability for agricultural crop exports


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