Investment attractiveness of the regions of Ukraine. Profitability of the major crops growing in Ukraine

Traditionally, Ukraine is one of the major players on the world market of grains and oilseeds, coming to the TOP-10 of the leaders of its production. The constant growing demand for food in the world promotes increasing of agricultural production, which from year to year becomes more and more attractive for investment activity. But the guarantees of not only returning of the investments, but also their earning capacity, determined by profitability of the funded production, are quite important for any investor.

Agricultural production is traditionally associated with rater wide range of risks and features, starting with the seasonal character of production to losses of the harvest volumes from adverse weather conditions. As a result, agricultural commodities producers are interested in reducing of the impact of risks and optimization of the factors, affecting the profitability.

The study will include the analysis of development the plant growing industry, with the focus on production of the major grain crops (wheat, barley, maize) and oilseeds (sunflower seed, soybeans, rapeseed) in Ukraine as a whole, and by regions of cultivation. The study will show the major selling markets and determine the main factors, affecting the price situation on these markets. Besides, there will be held the analysis of the cost structure for production of the basic agricultural crops, and evaluated the profitability of growing of agricultural crops as by region, and the structure of households (small-, medium-, large-scale).




Methodology of the study

1. Brief characteristics of the regions of Ukraine

1.1. Geographical location

1.2. Administrative structure of the region

1.3 Land reserves

1.4. Demographic situation

1.4.1 Population dynamics

1.4.2. Urban / rural population

1.4.3. Gender and age groups

1.4.4. Standard of living (income per person)

2. Plant growing industry in the regions of Ukraine

2.1. Dynamics of production and changes in the structure of planted areas of the basic grains and oilseeds

2.2. Selling markets of the major agricultural crops

2.3. Rating of the companies with the production volumes and market shares: processors of grains (flour, groats, mixed feed), oilseeds (sunflower, rapeseed and soybean oils, margarine and mayonnaise products)

2.4. Analysis of the cost structure for production of the basic agricultural crops

2.5. Estimation of the profitability of growing the basic agricultural crops

2.6.Analysis of risks in production of the basic agricultural crops

3. Cattle breeding industry of the regions of Ukraine

3.1. Main indicators of the cattle breeding sector (livestock of cattle, pigs, poultry, production of milk, meat, eggs)

3.2. Ratings of the companies with the production volumes and market shares: animal products (milk, eggs, production of beef, pork, chicken)

4. Infrastructure of the regions

4.1. Number of granaries and their capacities

4.2. Transport infrastructure (length of the routes, number of stations, network of motorways, water transport)

5. SWOT-analysis of development of the regions. Rating of the most investment-attractive regions for agribusiness


  1. Map of the infrastructure + grain production volumes

  2. Grain by-products (flour, groats, mixed feed) + number of the enterprises

  3. Oilseed by-products (vegetable oils) + production volumes

  4. Map of the profitability of agricultural crop by regions

Period under consideration - 5 years

Reviewed crops - wheat, barley, maize, sunflower seed, rapeseed, soybeans.

Release of the study: April, 2013


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