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Analysis of the grain logistics of Ukraine and proposals for its modernization

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The study is realized by order of the non-governmental organization Ukrainian Grain Association. The proposed material is composed of three main blocks, SWOT-analysis and general conclusions. The main blocks include the analysis of capacities and dynamics of development of the markets of grains and oilseeds in Ukraine, as well as its by-products, which together make up bulk agricultural commodities, provide characteristics of the storage system of grain and oilseed crops, and estimation of the transport infrastructure, including motor, railway, inland waterways transport and maritime transshipment. Besides, the study shows the forecast of development of the grain and oilseed markets until 2025 with the estimation of the required infrastructural support, expressed in storage capacities, number of vehicles and transshipment capacities. According to results of the carried researches, APK-Inform realized SWOT-analysis of the market infrastructure and outlined the prospects of its further development, determined the required volume of investments for the infrastructure development.

The distinctive feature of the present study is the forecast of production of grains and oilseeds until 2025 with estimation of the potential export volumes of bulk agricultural commodities for the same period, as well as the analysis of the condition of the fleet of grain rail cars and the dynamics of their work during three recent seasons. Besides, the study includes the analysis of grain transportation by river transport with estimation of its prospective opportunities.





1. Characteristics of the grain and oilseed markets of Ukraine

    1.1. Production volumes of grain, oilseed crops and its by-products in Ukraine

1.2 Exports of grains, oilseeds and its by-products: volumes, directions, trends

    1.3. Accumulation of bulk agricultural commodities

    1.4. Prospects of development of the grain and oilseed markets in Ukraine until 2025

2. Characteristics of the storage system

    2.1. General characteristics of the storage system

    2.2. Certified granaries

    2.3. Characteristics of the grain storehouses owned by agricultural producers

    2.4. Prospects for the industry development

3. Transport infrastructure

    3.1. Transportation volumes of bulk agricultural commodities by different kinds of transport

    3.2. Motor transport

3.3. Transportation of bulk agricultural commodities by river

3.3.1. General characteristics of the river transport of Ukraine

    3.3.2. Volume of cargo transportation by river

3.3.3. Advantages of grain cargo transportation by river transport

3.3.4. Prospects for development of the river transport in Ukraine

3.4. Rail transportation of grain cargoes

3.4.1. General characteristics of the railways of Ukraine

3.4.2. Number and technical conditions of rail cars for transportation of grain cargoes

3.4.3. Volumes of grain cargo transportation by railways

    3.4.4. Ways to optimize the railway transportation

3.4.5. Prospects for development of the railway transportation of grain cargoes

    3.5. Port capacities

    3.5.1. General characteristics of the port grain terminals

    3.5.2. Shipment volumes

3.5.3. Prospects for development of the port export terminals

4. SWOT-analysis of the infrastructure

5. General conclusions


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