Condition and prospects of the dairy market in Ukraine

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Dairy products are one of the major components of the market basket and the chain of primary processing industry. The consumption of dairy products per capita in the country is estimated at the level of 58% of the standard at 380 kg/year. Since independence, the industry in Ukraine witnessed significant changes of both its production indices, and the structure, qualitative indices and geography. In particular, to date there are only 300 milk processing companies operating on the market, as opposed to 630 companies existing in 1990. These enterprises are able to process nearly 12 mln tonnes of milk per year in single shift mode. In fact, during several recent years the enterprises process 4.7-6.2 mln tonnes of milk only. As a result, the issues of estimation of the condition and prospects of the dairy market in Ukraine and its integration to the world market are very important.

During preparing of the study, APK-Inform analysts used data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, the relevant Ministries of Ukraine, the USDA, and also estimations and forecasts of APK-Inform Agency. In addition, the study takes into consideration many expert opinions of representatives of various segments of the dairy market.




1. Livestock

2. Fodder base

3. Raw materials base

4. Government support

5. Market of dairy products

Liquid processed milk:


Powdered milk:


6. World market of milk and the position of Ukraine



7. SWOT– analysis

8. Appendices

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