Studies 2020

Studies 2018

Studies 2017

Studies 2016

Studies 2015

  • Exports of grain cargoes from Ukraine - August, 2015

  • Market of plant protection agents for winter crops in Russia - September, 2015
  • Trends of the Ukrainian flaxseed market - November, 2015

 Studies 2014

  • Honey market of Ukraine: condition and prospects - January, 2014

  • Development of grain trading: from FOB to CIF - February, 2014

  • Seed market of the main agricultural crops of Ukraine - April, 2014

  • Elevators of Ukraine - May, 2014

  • Market of tropical oils and fats in Ukraine and Russia - June, 2014
  • High oleic sunflower market in Russia and Ukraine: current condition and potential - October, 2014

Studies 2013

  • Investment attractiveness of the regions of Ukraine. Profitability of the major crops growing in Ukraine - April, 2013

  • Analysis of the grain logistics of Ukraine and proposals for its modernization - April, 2013

  • Market of maize and its by-products in Ukraine

  • Market of soybeans and its by-products in Russia - August, 2013 (Russian version)

  • Market of major legumes in Ukraine and Russia - December, 2013

  • Condition and prospects of the dairy market in Ukraine - December, 2013 (Russian version)

Studies of 2012

  • Research of the production of agricultural crops in Ukraine

  • Analysis of the Ukrainian market of soybean and its by-products

  • Sowing campaign 2012-2013

  • Market of niche crops (sorghum, peas, chick-pea, mustard-seed, oilseed flax and others) of Ukraine

  • Updated version of the study of the infrastructure of grain/oilseeds market

  • Regional portrait of Agricultural complex of Ukraine. Where and what for to invest?

Studies of 2011

  • Portrait of large-scale grain producer of Russia: South

  • High oleic sunflower market in Russia and Ukraine: current condition and potential

Studies of 2010

  • Ukraine: sowing campaign-2010. Forecast of harvests of main agricultural crops in Ukraine in 2010 (Autumn 2009-Spring 2010)

  • Preferences of flour milling companies of the North Africa and the Middle East

  • Investment estimation (the estimation of investment plans of Ukrainian farmers, twice a year)

  • Transport infrastructure of the grain market of the Azov-Black Seas region in-2009-2010. Russia/Ukraine/Turkey/Georgia/Moldova

  • Sunflower triangle: Argentina, Russia, Ukraine. Competitive environment, investment opportunities and prospects for 2009-2011


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Information platform APK-Inform publishes reliable information about the economic and geopolitical situation in the international agricultural market, and also provides detailed agricultural consulting. Analytics helps readers of the information platform to draw real conclusions on the situation in the country and, based on verified data, build a further plan for the development of their own enterprises. The information on the site will be of interest to workers in the agrosphere and agriculture, managers of large industrial enterprises, employees of trading companies and manufacturers of large-scale equipment for processing raw materials.

Ready-made consulting research in the agricultural sector

Agricultural consulting from APK-Inform is professional advice from the world's leading experts who offer readers useful materials in the field of agribusiness and help improve their enterprises. Here is the most interesting analytics on agricultural consulting for employees of the agricultural sector:

Introduction of innovative technologies for growing grain and agricultural crops.

  • Automotive, rail and maritime logistics.
  • New technologies for the production of agricultural machinery and equipment for the processing of raw materials.
  • Effective methods of storage and processing of grain crops.
  • Development of agricultural enterprises and agricultural holdings, preparation of business plans, analysis of production efficiency.
  • Expert advice to farm managers to improve company performance.

Agricultural consulting will allow entrepreneurs from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries of the world to improve their own production and achieve good results in the development of the agricultural sector.
On the site you can get acquainted with detailed materials on agricultural consulting, since it is placed according to a clearly defined structure:

  • goals of agroconsulting;
  • methodology;
  • research plan (divided into several blocks);
  • format for presenting the results of agroconsulting;
  • the cost of the work done.

In the process of work, specialists compare data obtained from reliable sources, analyze risks and provide forecasts for the development of agribusiness. Information on agricultural consulting is presented in several blocks, which are classified according to the period of publication. Here are expert articles and materials from 2010 to 2020.
The research results can be downloaded in PDF format, watch a video or an online presentation on the website.