Organic production today is a promising niche for agriculture. On the one hand, additional costs and control of authorized bodies in the form of regular certification of their own and manufactured products fall on all market participants, but on the other hand, there is an organic premium and dynamically growing global demand. In addition, organic farming is a concern for the environment and the health of generations.

The global market for organic food, growing annually by 10-15%, has already exceeded 80 billion EUR. And if the average consumption of these products in the world is about 11 EUR per year per person (and for leading countries it reaches 200-300 EUR), then for Ukraine this figure is only 0.5 EUR per year. In this regard, in the short term, Ukrainian producers of organic raw materials and processed products will continue to focus on exports. In this regard, the APK-Inform Agency presents an analytical report on current 2017 results: "Export of organic grains, oilseeds and their products from Ukraine".

Subject of study. This report considers the export from Ukraine of such organic products: cereals (corn, wheat, barley, oats, rye, triticale, millet, and buckwheat), peas, flour, and cereals from cereals; oilseeds (sunflower, soybeans, rapeseed, flax, mustard), oil and sunflower meal for 2017 compared to 2016. The dynamics of deliveries, countries of destination, exporters and importers, and xlsx report contains information on types of transport.

Structure. The report consists of a pdf document with a volume of 20 pages with a maximum of useful infographics and facts, as well as an xlsx file with detailed data on exporters and importers (including websites of companies), as well as the dynamics of deliveries on all products reviewed for 2015-17.

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