Exports of organic grains and oilseeds from Ukraine 2.0

Updated multi-client study-2018

"Exports of organic grains and oilseeds from Ukraine 2.0"


Nowadays, the segment of organic production is the prospective niche for the agricultural industry. On the one hand, all market participants bear additional expenditures, as well as control of the appropriate authorities in the form of regular certification procedures of the companies and manufactured products, but on the other hand, they receive the organic premium and the dynamically growing global demand. In addition, the organic agriculture cares for the environment and the health of future generations.

The global market of organic food products continues annually growing by 10-15%, and already exceeded 80 bln EUR. At the same time, the average consumption of the products in the world totals nearly 11 EUR per capita (and in the leading countries, the figures reach 200-300 EUR), but in Ukraine the figures total 0.5 EUR only. Therefore, in the short term Ukrainian producers of organic raw materials and its by-products will continue developing the export direction. For these purposes, APK-Inform Agency presents the analytical report on the results of 2017: "Exports of organic grains, oilseeds and its by-products from Ukraine".


Subject of the study. The present report considers the exports of the following organic products from Ukraine: grains (wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn, buckwheat, millet), peas; oilseeds (soybeans, flaxseed, rapeseed, sunflower seed, mustard seed). The study covers the dynamics of supplies, destination countries, exporters and importers, and the .xlsx report includes the information on types of transport. Analysis period: 2016 through August 2018, and .xlsx application even provides figures for 2015.

In terms of the information support of the certification center "Organic Standard", APK-Inform formed the paragraph on the attractiveness of certain countries/regions for exporters of organic products from Ukraine, as well as the barriers that appear in the reporting business activity.

Structure. The study consists of .pdf document of 20 pages with the maximum of valuable infographics and facts, as well .xlsx file with the detailed figures on companies-exporters and importers (including the web-sites), and the supply dynamics for all reporting products in the period of 2015-18.