Research of the production of agricultural crops in Ukraine

Investigated crops: winter wheat, spring barley, corn, sunflower, rapeseed, soybean

Period: 2007-2011

The study provides calculation of the fact profit of production of winter wheat, spring barley, maize, sunflower, rapeseed and soybeans in dynamics during the period of the recent 5 years. The base of calculation is the real data of the Ukrainian producers of agricultural commodities from the various regions of the country.

On the base of received results they will make the medium term forecast of the economical reasonability of production of the number of agricultural crops in Ukraine.

Plan of the study


1. Main peculiarities of grains and oilseeds growing in Ukraine:

1.1. Regional characteristics and risks

1.2. Effect of soil types. Climatic features of the major crops production

1.3. Analysis of the crop sowing areas and yield dynamics for 5 seasons

1.4. Key factors of increasing of the yield of crops

2. Analysis of the prime cost of production of the major crops in Ukraine:

2.1. Traditional structure of expenses for agricultural production. The influence of scale factor

2.2. Changes in the structure of expenses for growing of crops during five recent years, factors and causes

2.3. Ways to optimize the prime cost

3. Profitability of the major crops. Comparison of profitability, old and new leaders among agricultural crops

4. Ways of improvement the profitability of crops growing. Reduction of the prime cost, optimization of the revenues and other methods



Date of release - March 2012


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