The APK-Inform news agency presents an updated study "Export of Grain Cargo from Ukraine-2017", which consolidated analytical information regarding the export of basic grains and oilseeds, as well as some of their processed products. In connection with the active development of exports of finished products, the updated study provides information on export trends in wheat flour, bran, as well as oilseed meal and oil cakes.

In addition to a comprehensive analysis of the supply of major crops and processed products, including consideration of the dynamics and geography of exports, the structure of shipments in terms of conditions and places of delivery, exporters rating and price trends, the study presents generalized information on exports from Ukraine as a whole and the role of grain cargo. Also analyzed the performance of railway transport during the transport of grain cargoes and performance of seaports.

The main trends in the development of port infrastructure and plans for the near future are considered. Following the analysis, general conclusions were made. In addition, the study is supplemented with large amounts of statistical information that allows for additional analysis.

Main topics:

  • Analysis of export supplies of major grains and oilseeds
  • Indicators of flour, bran and meal exports from Ukraine
  • The performance of the railways of Ukraine in the transport of grain cargoes
  • Analysis of performance indicators of seaports of Ukraine
  • Characteristics and performance indicators of grain terminals of Ukraine
  • Trends in the development of sea grain transshipment


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Ekaterina Panasenko