India to keep the imports of sun oil — Sunvin Group




To date, the whole world is going though testing times, due to COVID-19 pandemic, which led to massive lockdowns in India and other countries. Nevertheless, the government of India is very keen to keep the operations of the key industries, such as food industry, and continue supplying food to the consumers, said the CEO at Sunvin Group, Sandeep Bajoria it his interview to APK-Inform Agency.

“The ports are working normally and the vessels are discharged. Speaking of quarantine, of course, there are some conditions – the cargo crew should be under 14-day quarantine. But the cargoes coming from Ukraine, Russia, Argentina are not required to be under quarantine as the cargo sailing time takes much more than 14 days”, said expert.

However, the movement of the product from cargoes (ports) to land (plants) is an issue and has some obstacles. Thus, the plants and factories are operating for 30-40% of capacities. “But, we expect that in near-term the plants operation capacity will rise to 60%”, added the expert.

“We want to assure our partners from Ukraine and Russia that Indian will keep on importing, keep on buying, on processing and supplying to the consumers. In January-February-March, we bought nearly 800 thsd tonnes of sunflower oil. In April, we expect that the imports of the product will total 150 thsd tonnes, and in May-June – rise to 250-270 thsd tonnes.

We hope, that despite the current challenging global conditions, you will maintain your supply area, keep your ports and factories running and you can supply to India”, concluded S.Bajoria.

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You can view the complete version of the interview with S.Bajoria at Youtube-channel of APK-INFORM.