Russia: non-working days should not affect the work of agricultural enterprises — Ministry of Agriculture




Russian agricultural enterprises, which are involved in the seasonal field works, must continue their operation activities during the announced non-working period until April 30, declared the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Patrushev.

According to the announcement, agribusiness enterprises should continue working to ensure the food security of the Russian Federation, uninterrupted food supply of the population, and maintaining of the production of agricultural products, raw materials and food with no disruption.

Also, D.Patrushev specified the list of other organizations in the agricultural sector, which work should not stop during the non-working days. In particular, the list includes the organizations which produce, sell and storage agricultural products and its by-products, fertilizers, crop protection products, animal feed and feed additives, seeds and planting material; the organizations which form commodity stocks of agricultural products and food; livestock enterprises; the organizations which sell agricultural machinery, its maintenance or repairing; the companies engaged in transportation, loading and unloading works, providing logistics services in the reporting spheres.