Ukraine: during the crisis, it is important to stimulate the processing industry — expert




Stimulation of the processing industry of agricultural products is one of the ways to properly support the agricultural industry in the current difficult period, declared the former interim Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Maksym Martynyuk.

According to him, the market participants were actively discussing the issue for ten recent years, and already reached some successes in the segment. Processing is often meant as the linear thesis "sell not wheat, but macaroni", but in fact, in terms of acceptance of the agro-industrial complex as the whole system, the livestock sector is already the production 2.0, because it consumes and processes plant growing products. Of course, Ukraine can and should increase the processing depth rates, including through the architecture of state support programs, by introducing benefits to crop processors, and providing of targeted available loans.

To date, the state assistance in finding of new sales markets is also very important, because the external demand environment still continues rapidly changing, and requires the same rates of the total supply transformation. At the same time, companies-producers are closely monitoring the trade trends, but at the level of trade missions and embassies the work is more effective and allows to comprehensively promote the food products made in Ukraine.

In addition, the consequences of the pandemic will possibly intensify the international humanitarian activities in the sphere of food security, and Ukrainian agricultural producers can become active participants of such tenders, M.Martynyuk added.