Will Ukraine plant in December?




Late winter planting campaign has already turned to be typical in Ukraine as more frequent and tough dry weather conditions in August-September make farmers to move the planting window. The winter planting campaign-2020 is no exception.

Cumulative amount of precipitation from August 1 to September 20 was as low as 10-30% of the norm across most of the country that was lower than during the drought of 2015. Thus, scientists advised to move the planting time for the second half of September and the first half of October. It is likely that some regions will continue to plant during the first ten-day period of December if the weather permits.

“In 2015, the mass planting campaign was carried out in November and even the first half of December. In November, farmers planted winter wheat throughout 274 thsd ha (4% of the total planted area), winter barley - throughout 126 thsd ha (12%). There was data on further planting works in December, however, it could be just data adjustment but not the real picture. Nevertheless, we had very late planting campaign in 2015. The late planting brings risks of lower yield as plants enter wintering underdeveloped”, - explained the Head of the Business project unit at APK-Inform, Andriy Kupchenko.

At the same time, crop size of 2016 revealed that the yield of winter wheat increased by 8% to 4.22 t/ha, winter barley - by 16% to 3.62 t/ha. Weather conditions during wintering and spring vegetation are the main factor for winter crops production. However, the high results of the yield of late planted crops shows that the late planting campaign is not critical for further crop size.  

Except the lack of moisture, a deficit of operational data on winter planting campaign progress is a feature of this year. On September 30 we got the information that as of September 28 farmers planted winter wheat throughout 1.5 mln ha or 25% of the plan (6.1 mln ha) that is the lowest figure over the last 10 years.

“As of September 28, 2019, farmers planted winter wheat throughout 2.9 mln ha, in 2015 when the similar weather conditions were observed - throughout 2.8 mln ha, in 2013 - throughout 1.8 mln ha”, - A.Kupchenko summarized.

You can get more detailed information about winter planting campaign-2020 within the online conference Winter planting campaign-2020 in Ukraine: conditions, threats, farmers’ strategy to be held on October 16 on ZOOM platform.