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German engineers union VDMA Agricultural Machinery – is a leading branch association of agricultural machinery manufacturers that unites more than 160 German companies. Just in Germany the Association unites agricultural machinery manufacturers with annual turnover of more than € 8 billion and with more than 30 000 employees.

APOLLO (Association on cooperation in agriculture) starting from 1991 participates in student exchange between Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Germany, establishes and supports relationships between these countries’ universities in agricultural sphere.

Real technological breaks not always were determined by corporations, states, political parties or militarists. Some structures often could not create conditions for brave innovative ideas, which could be in diametrical opposition to corporate principals.

As far as is known, Steve Jobs presented Apple firstly at a club meeting in a small restaurant, where he formed all branch’s revolutionary movement, which changed forever its landscape. That period of future world industry flagmen was short, a big capital was not long in coming that made from smart yang persons businessmen of global scale.

Modern club movement is, first of all, interests related people forum. A forum between representatives of new generation such as designers, engineers, economists, programming specialists, marketing experts, managers, who work in agricultural engineering area, could become an important resource for new ideas generation on modernization of agricultural machinery manufacture and agribusiness in CIS’s countries. Participation in forum of German agricultural engineers union VDMA opens opportunities for new practical knowledge getting for young specialists from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus Republic at the most highly technological enterprises specialized on agricultural machinery manufacture. In its turn studentship programs of APOLLO are first-class motivation for new specialists’ generation.

Web-portal about agricultural machinery market RUNO-AGRO.COM initiates by this article a topic discussion “Practical training at agricultural machinery enterprises of Germany” between young specialists, aspirants, students of agricultural and machinery construction universities of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus Republic with representatives of APOLLO’s and VDMA’s associations.


Florian Krug, Head Manger of the Practical Training Program at APOLLO – Florian, your association has a big experience at practice trainings and practical working organization at German agricultural enterprises for young specialists from the CIS’s countries. It is interesting to know more detail information about current programs.

Beginning from 1991 we sort out candidates in trainee/practice workers, look for the enterprises, realize visa support, realize development and providing of the programs. The project partners are – Germany machinery constructors union (VDMA) and working group “Agriculture” at the Eastern economic committee of German (Ost-Ausschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft). These two associations play an important role at the searching process of the German agricultural enterprises, which are ready not just to share an experience, but also to participate financially in the program.

APOLLO has two practice trainings programs – one is for Russia (“Russlandprogramm”), the other one is for Ukraine and Belarus Respublic (“Belarus-Ukraine-Programm”). In these programs students from the correspondent countries take part. They have practice training in the study frames on the bases of the cooperation agreement between their universities and the APOLLO association. During our activity more than 1500 students could use these programs and had practice at German agricultural enterprises.

Besides of these two programs, APOLLO has practice working program, which, in its turn, is directed to graduates. In other words, every graduate is able to assert about participation by himself/herself, independently from universities. This program works starting from 2011 and for today 42 probationers successfully used the program opportunities. More detail information regarding the valid programs you could find out at our web-site – it is interesting to find out your opinion according practice trainings prospects of young specialists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus Republic at German agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises.

We are interested in cooperation expansion with VDMA in the agricultural machinery manufacture sphere. It would help young specialists to get practice knowledge at highly technological German enterprises, to establish communications with leading specialists of the branch and to get people support, who have joint interests.

What is your attitude to the club movements between ambitious young people, who have joint interests at manufacturing sphere? Is such a movement possible between APOLLO’s program participants?

APOLLO – is an association, which originally was organized on German students initiate. Many of those students, in their time, had practice training in the CIS’s countries, and now they are employees of the association. For a target we have not just successful programs advancement, we also try to create an amicable atmosphere between young people, who help to care relationships of young talents and to generate new ambitious ideas together.


Oleg Rybak, Selection Station Technician Worker, KVS-Ukraine - Oleg, please, tell us about your collaboration experience with APOLLO. How did your participation in the programs influence your life?

I had a pleasure to participate in a practical study and in a work experience job. Thanks to it I could to learn German language and to get a necessary bundle of practical knowledge, which helped me to become a competitive at the labor market.

At the current time I work for a prestigious company, which is a worldwide leader of its segment. I earn a respectable salary and am provided by everything necessary for a professional growth. I believe in Ukrainian business potential and I am glad to use my knowledge for its development.

Thanks to participation in APOLLO’s programs I acquired many friends not only in Germany, but also in Ukraine and Russia. Unforgettable experience, common memories and interests make bond between us. At modern communication systems we mostly do not part with each other, always keep on touch and are ready to share new experience with each other at any time, because we are colleagues.


Alexander Haus, international relationships of VDMA – Alexander, agriculture is an open-air production on large territories. The CIS’s Agribusiness, in this meaning, is unique as by area, also by weather conditions. A matter about its modernization mostly depends on staff classification, who provide maintenance of modern machines during whole working cycle. Thanks to VDMA’s and APOLLO’s partnership program many young specialists year-by-year get valueless experience during practice work at German agricultural enterprises. Today many western brands manufacture agricultural machinery in the CIS’s countries, and as a result a lot of new working places are created for young specialists. What is your attitude to the prospects of a practice work at Germany agricultural machinery enterprises of young specialists from the CIS’s countries?

We are open for new projects, which could get practical new generation knowledge of engineers, economists, managers, marketing experts, who create modern infrastructure in the CIS’s countries. This infrastructure is able to ensure the smooth operation of highly technological agricultural machinery that allows to implant in the most advanced agricultural technologies and to increase competitiveness of these countries’ agriculture. We are ready to share the experience and are open for dialogue with young people, who set ambitious tasks on creating of stable, competitive agricultural machinery manufacture that would be able to develop by themselves integrating in the worldwide technological sphere.


Web portal about agricultural machinery market RUNO-AGRO.COM invites young specialists of agricultural engineering sphere from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus Republic to discuss topic “Training on probation at German agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises” in groups of RUNO-AGRO.COM in social networks such. You have an opportunity to ask a question directly to the manager of the training on probation program APOLLO and to German representatives of agricultural machinery manufacturing companies. Assert yourself, maybe you are one of first program’s participants.

For young specialists, who had to visit modern agricultural machinery manufactures in EU or USA during some introductory business-tours or during trainings we announce competition for the best essay on the topic “Modern agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprise”. Competition’s winner will obtain a prize – one-day tour to Frankfurt-on-Maine. There is included to the trip-agenda a visit to an office of the German agricultural engineers union VDMA, business-launch and photo session on the roof of the most high tower building in the EU’s financial capital.

If you had to be in any modern agricultural machinery manufacture, there is time for you to compare your notes and to win the competition!

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