Largest CIS agribusiness consultancy - APK-Inform Agency to sponsor “2nd China Pesticide Formulation Export Workshop”




APK-Inform Agency, the largest agribusiness consultancy within the CIS region, is about to sponsor the 2nd China Pesticide Formulation Export Workshop and its Marketing Director Svitlana Synkovska will deliver a speech on the topic “Agrochemical products applications in the CIS market”, which is based on the results of APK’s major crops panel study in the CIS market.

The speech will enlighten you with:
--Major crops in CIS market
--Seed protectants in this market
--Major players (top 10 players)
--Major products(top 10 herbicides, top 10 fungicides, top 10 insecticides)
--Products application structure in this market
--Opportunity for new entrants.

Don’t miss the precious chances to explore the CIS market!


About APK-Inform:
Founded in 1996 and head-quartered in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine), APK-Inform is the largest agribusiness consultancy within the CIS. APK-Inform also has representative offices in Kiev, Moscow, and Kursk (Russia), and nearly 80 employees. APK-Inform is focused on the development of farm and agribusiness-related market information services. The strengths of APK-Inform are its comprehensive market monitoring – all major grain and oilseed crops, plus fruits & vegetables, timely provision of operational information, and high data quality-reliability.
Also, APK-Inform issues annual agchem panel studies in Russia and Ukraine market, based on CATI and face-to-face interviews to thousands of farmes.


About the workshop:
The workshop is co-organized by AgroPages and Association of Pesticide Industry, Shandong Province, China, which will take place on August 29-31, 2017, in Qingdao, China.
The conference is focus on discussion of China export-oriented products structuring transformation from technical to formulation, whilst covering the two factors - registration and end-use market. The subjects of discussion will also include overseas business opportunities for Chinese formulation manufacturers. About 200-300 participants will attend the meeting, most from China’s big agrochemical manufactures and distributors.
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