Ukraine and Turkey brought a new level of cooperation of seed industries in both countries




The official visit to Ukraine of the delegation of the Sub-Union of Seed Industrialists and Producers of the Republic of Turkey (TSUAB). Within 5 days, during October 3-7, 2011, members of the delegation held meetings with key players on the Ukrainian market of seeds, discussing ways of developing the cooperation, exchanging experiences and evaluating the investment attractiveness of the domestic market. During the final press-conference, representatives of the Ministries of Ukraine and Turkey signed the Memorandum of long-term partnership between two countries in development of the seed market and organization of joint mutually profitable projects.

Development of cooperation in the seed industry was the main purpose of visit to Ukraine of the Turkish delegation, in particular, to increase the volume of seed trade between the countries. Choosing the strategic directions of development of export bases of seeds on the world market, Turkey identified five markets with the most attractive export potential, and Ukraine was called as one of these markets. In order to achieve the appreciable progress in strategic areas, the delegation was formed, which during the second half of 2011 to attend the reporting 5 countries.

The visit to Ukraine was assigned to the period of October 3-7. The delegation consisted of nearly 60 people, including 45 – members of the the Sub-Union of Seed Industrialists and Producers of the Republic of Turkey, and representatives of the Ministry of Food Industry and Cattle Breeding. During 5 days there were dozens of bilateral meetings between representatives of Turkish companies from the delegation and the Ukrainian producers and distributors of seeds, and directly farmers. For the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, and other public and private organizations, there were organized series of presentations of the seed industry of Turkey. The parties agreed to increase the supply volume of quality seeds of Turkish origin and appreciated the most attractive investment projects in the agricultural sector of Ukraine.

"We are pleased with the results of our delegation visit to Ukraine, - said the President TSUAB Ilhami Ozcan Aygun, - During meetings with the Ukrainian party we signed several agreements that will result in substantial increase of cooperation rates between seed industries of our countries. But our global goal is the fivefold increase of exports of Turkish seeds by 2023 to the level of 500 mln USD."

The significant increase of the share of Turkey on the world market of seeds is not an impossible task. In the terms of present global trends, according to which by 2050 there will be 9 bln people on the earth, the world market will have to proportionately grow to avoid the global food crisis. The importance of Ukrainian agricultural market will also grow from year to year.

Next year Turkish seed producers are planning to export seeds at the sum of 150 mln USD to Ukraine, in the first place it will be vegetable seeds. TSUAB stresses that the visit to Ukraine, which took place on the current week, contributes to realization of such ambitious plans. Ukraine, in turn, expects in 2012 to export seeds at the sum of 10 mln USD, mainly wheat seeds.

Cooperation between two countries is the natural expression of the modern trend of national seed industries - integration of efforts and resources in the sphere of seed production and trade. The countries wishing to maintain their positions on the world market of seeds, can not ignore the reporting trend. The seed sector in Turkey is known for its developed infrastructure, production facilities and significant experience in organizing of various transnational projects.

Within frames of the "Programme of industrial delegations" by the end of 2011, TSUAB scheduled to visit two more countries - Russia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As a reminder, to date, seeds of drought-resistant sunflower, maize and rapeseed are the main trade articles, purchased by Ukrainian agrarians in Turkey. Also Ukraine shows high demand in Turkish seeds of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, squash, melons and watermelons. In general, there are over 500 seed-producing companies operating in Turkey, each of which does not have right to export seed products, if it is not a member of TSUAB, which guarantees for Ukraine supplying of the seeds that meet all international standards only.

Information note

The Sub-Union of Seed Industrialists and Producers (TSUAB) is the professional association in the status of public organization, whose members are the companies working in the seed industry. In the current year the organization realizes a number of international visits to promote the export trading of seeds within frames of the "Programme of industrial delegations and delegations of the host countries".

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