Planted area under wheat recovered in Kazakhstan




The planted area under grain and oilseed crops (including rice) in 2020 totaled 18.76 mln ha, up 3% compared to 2019 (18.26 mln ha), informed the Committee on Statistics at Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The largest increase was observed for wheat. The area reached 12.17 mln ha, up 7% compared to 2019 (11.39 mln ha). Thus, the planted area under wheat reached the level of 2016 after the three-year long decline.

The planted area under corn increase by 5% to 164.3 thsd ha, under rice – by 2% to 104 thsd ha.

The overall area gain under these three crops totaled 793.6 thsd ha.

The decline of planted area was observed for barley, rye and oats. The common area under these crops totaled 3.02 mln ha in 2020 compared to 3.26 mln ha in 2019 (-8%).

The changes of planted area under oilseed crops were insignificant. The overall area reached 2.9 mln ha in 2020 compared to 2.89 mln ha year ago.