Grain&Maritime Days in Odessa 2021: the twentieth in the order, the first in the perception




In 2021, the largest international conference Grain&Maritime Days in Odessa to be held for the twentieth time! However, the long-lasting isolation has its effect, and APK-Inform and Interlegal are preparing for traditional meeting of grain and maritime professionals like never before.

We keep our traditional date - late spring (May 26-28), place - Odessa (Bristol Hotel), speakers - leading global analysts, representatives of international organizations and trading companies (30+ speakers).

GMD is a powerful platform with heated disputes on relevant topics of grain and maritime markets. It includes 3 days long complex of activities allowing everyone to choose the most interesting. It a mix of business communication and informal networking as well as pleasant vibe and unforgettable emotions in “grain capital” by the Black Sea.

We add new - format of Grain&Maritime Days in Odessa 2021 - participation without barriers!

Despite the restrictions in many countries caused by COVID-19, everyone interested can join Grain&Maritime Days by choosing the most convenient format - offline or online.

By choosing any of the formats, you will be the part of the XX international conference Grain&Maritime Days in Odessa, where we will discuss the most burning topics of grain and maritime business of Ukraine and the world:

  • World economic crisis and food security: consequences of “shocks” of 2020 and prospects for recovering

  • Agribusiness financing: lessons from defaults of 2020

  • Global grain market: challenges of 2020/21 MY and prospects for 2021/22 MY

  • Importers & exporters of wheat: changes of trade policy

  • China as the key factor of market trends

  • Results of “hot” 2020/21 MY in Black Sea region, key factors and forecasts for 2021/22 MY

  • Harvest-2021: estimates of production and distribution of major grains in Ukraine and Russia

  • Marine transportation of grain: global prospects and modern challenges

  • New trends of agricultural and marine business in Ukraine and the world

The agenda includes the open interview with the key speakers, discussion panels.

Traditional Odessa Shipping Party - the largest shipping event in Ukraine - will be the finale of Grain&Maritime Days in Odessa 2021.


Follow the updates at the official conference page, on Facebook and at AKP-Inform website.