In January-May Russia imported over 400 thsd tonnes of palm oil




In January-May of 2021 Russia imported 423.1 thsd tonnes of palm oil for $437.2 mln, which is 2.6% higher year-on-year in quantitative terms and up 38.5% in value terms, reported the Federal Customs Service of Russia on July 9.

Also, for 5 months of 2021 the country imported 756.6 thsd tonnes of soybeans for $462.5 mln. At the same time in quantitative terms the import declined by 6.1% whereas in value it increased by 47.6%.

Moreover, in the reporting period Russia imported 72 thsd tonnes of wheat and meslin (for $28.1 mln) and 27.6 thsd tonnes of corn (for $97.9 mln).