Kazakhstan increased wheat export by almost 30% in January-May




Kazakhstan exported 2.3 mln tonnes of wheat and meslin in January-May 2021, up by 29.1% compared to the same period of 2020, informed energyprom.kz.

In the monetary terms, the export of Kazakh wheat amounted to 523.2 mln USD (+36%).

Kazakhstan supplied more than one third of the overall volume of wheat to the CIS countries (1.6 mln tonnes at the sum of 350.3 mln USD). Uzbekistan was the largest importer (1.2 mln tonnes at the sum of 252 mln USD).

Kazakhstan exported 694 thsd tonnes of wheat at the sum of 172.9 mln USD to other countries. Afghanistan imported 261.7 thsd tonnes (+31.2%), Iran - 176.5 thsd tonnes, China - 162.7 thsd tonnes (+82.1%).