Kazakhstan to complete harvesting grains by mid-October




Kazakhstan will complete harvesting grains by mid-October, declared the Ministry of Agriculture.

As of September 17, farmers of Kazakhstan harvested 13 mln tonnes of grains and pulses throughout 14.1 mln ha, including 10.4 ml tonnes of wheat. Average yield is 0.92 t/ha, down 22.8% compared to the last year.   

“In three main grain producing regions of Kazakhstan - Akmola, Kostanay and North Kazakhstan oblasts - agrarians harvested 8.4 mln tonnes of grains with the yield of 0.84 t/ha throughout 10.6 mln ha (91.4%)”, - the message says.

Kazakhstan will harvest 15.3 mln tonnes of grain, including 10.5 mln tonnes of wheat.

“Taking into account the carry-over stocks, about 18.8 mln tonnes of grains, including 13.3 mln tonnes of wheat, will form the supply volume. The domestic consumption will require 7.6 mln tonnes of wheat, including 3 mln tonnes for food, 2 mln tonnes for feed, 1.8 mln tonnes for seeds and 0.8 mln tonnes for industrial needs. Wheat export (including flour) will be at 5.5-6 mln tonnes in 2021/22 MY”, - the message says.