Export of four key agricultural products from Ukraine amounts to almost 60 mln tonnes annually




Ukraine is one of the leading player on the global agricultural market. It provides significant volumes of food to the world. The average annual export of 4 key agricultural products – corn, wheat, sunflower oil and sunflower meal – amounted to 58.1 mln tonnes in the recent 3 seasons, or more than 14% of the common global exports of these products. Ukrainian share in the annual world exports of corn and wheat is 15% and 10% correspondingly. For sunflower oil and sunflower meal, these shares are 51% and 58% correspondingly.

Chena, the EU, Egypt, Turkey and Indonesia are the key buyers of Ukrainian grain. The share of Ukrainian grain is quite high on these markets. For example, in 2020/21 MY, the share of Ukrainian corn totaled 29% in the overall imports in China, 25% – in Egypt, and 51% – in the EU. In 2020/21 MY, Ukraine provided 25% of Indonesian wheat import, 20% of Egyptian import and 10% of Turkish purchases.

Presence of Ukraine is more significant on the world oilseed market. India, the EU and China are the key buyers of Ukrainian sunflower oil. In 2020/21 MY, India imported 78% of its total sunflower oil purchases from Ukraine, the EU – 88% and China – 68%. China and the EU as well as Turkey purchase high volumes of Ukrainian sunflower meal. The share of Ukrainian product in the overall import by China, the EU and Turkey totaled 88%, 51% and 34% correspondingly.

In 2021, China imported 10.7 mln tonnes of these four products from Ukraine, the EU – 10 mln tonnes and Egypt – 5.5 mln tonnes. However, in the current reality with the Ukrainian ports blocked, the EU is the key market for Ukrainian agricultural exports.

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