Sunflower oil export from Kazakhstan to increase by more than 50% in 2021/22 MY – NOPA




Kazakhstan is increasing production of sunflower oil and high-protein compound feed, such as sunflower cake and meal. Higher loading of processing capacities has resulted in some benefits, like lowering of prices of sunflower cake and meal that are among the main ingredients to feed livestock and poultry.  

The chairman of National Oilseed Processors Association of Kazakhstan Yadykar Ibragimov said that the decline of sunflower cake and meal prices by 9-19% over the first half of the season would prevent the growth of prices for local essential food, such as eggs, dairy and meat products. He added that the prices of sunflower oil were quite stable on the domestic market due to restrictions on export of sunflower seed acting since September 1, 2021 to July 1, 2022 with further prolongation until October 1, 2022.

Stronger production results in higher export of sunflower oil. It grew by more than 60% y/y over 9 month of 2021/22.

According to NOPA, the sunflower oil export will increase by more than 50% in 2021/22 MY.

“Kazakhstan has a large potential as to the export of processed products, particularly, vegetable oils and high-protein feed, due to its geographical location and fertile lands along with significant state subsidies. For example, the Project for national development provides for annual doubling of export of processed product until 2025. The president Tokaev mentioned this project many times in his speeches. Domestic market of Kazakhstan does not consume all sunflower oil it produces. Processing capacities allow crushing much higher volumes of domestically produced oilseeds. So, we need to rise the oilseed cultivation and export of processed products, as it is more profitable for the country than to export raw materials”, – Y. Ibragimov commented.

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