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Interim results of the harvesting campaign in Russia - harvest equal the hopes

Perhaps, harvesting works is the most laborious period in agrarians' work. Thus, on the stated stage agricultural producers obtain effort results, being spent during autumn and spring planting campaign. Experts of APK-Inform tell about harvesting campaign conditions in Russia.

According to the data of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, as of August 6, 2014 agrarians of the country had harvested grains through out of 16.6 mln ha, or 35.5% of the harvested areas (in 2013 – 14.7 mln ha). There were produced 54.9 mln tonnes of grain (in 2013 – 40.7 mln tonnes) with the yield at the level of 3.32 t/ha (in 2013 – 2.77 t/ha).

Harvesting campaign has traditionally started in the South region. In the current year there are some difficulties at the beginning of harvesting works. In particular, agrarians of the Rostov Region stated the abundant rainfall prevented grain harvesting works and promoted decrease of crop quality and volume. At the same time, most of the agricultural producers mentioned that there were no rains during maturity stage. According to the respondents, yield decreased by 5-10% due to the unstable weather conditions. Thus, in the region winter wheat average yield total 3-3.5 t/ha, winter barley – 2.5-3 t/ha, spring barley – 2-2.5 t/ha.

Krasnodar Krai faced the same situation, where agrarians stopped harvesting due to the unfavorable weather conditions. Thus, according to the agricultural producers, grains yield decreased to 5-5.5 t/ha, as opposed to the previous rate of 6-6.5 t/ha.

At the same time, market participants declared despite the weather difficulties during harvesting, in the current year grain harvest increased by 15-20%, compared to the rate of the previous season. According to the poll, winter wheat average yield is at the range of 5-5.7 t/ha, winter barley – 4.5-5 t/ha, spring barley – 3-3.5 t/ha, winter rapeseed – 2-2.5 t/ha.

Meanwhile, there was opposite situation in Stavropol Krai, where agrarians faced drought weather conditions. Thus, forecasts on early grain harvest were rather pessimistic. Agrarians of the stated region stated that winter wheat yield was at the range of 4-4.5 t/ha, spring barley – 3.5-4 t/ha, winter rapeseed – 2-2.5 t/ha. Thus, despite the unstable weather conditions in the surrent season yieldexceeded the rate of the previous MY.

At the same time, harvesting works are continued and agrarians of the South region plan to start late crops harvesting in the third decade of August – the first decade of September under the favorable weather conditions.



Also, agrarians of Central Black Earth Region planned to start harvesting works as well. But, before harvesting works there were started abundant rainfall in the most oblasts of the region. Thus, agrarians could start to harvest early grains in the second decade of July. Also, market operators mentioned that worsening of the weather conditions at the beginning of harvesting caused grain quality rates decrease. At the same time, agricultural producers of the region declared in the current year grain yield increase by 10-20%, compared to the rate of the previous season.

According to the agricultural producers, winter wheat yield totaled 4.5-5 t/ha, spring barley – 3.5-4 t/ha. At the same time, some agrarians stated winter wheat yield reached 8 t/ha, spring barley – 6.2 t/ha.



In the Volga region agrarians started early grains harvesting in the second decade of July. Note, that in the current during the vegetation and maturity period there was unstable temperature in the region, that could influence on the grain yield and quality. At the same time, according to the poll, agrarians stated that in the current season quality rates exceed the rates of the previous MY. Also, according to the market operators, winter wheat average yield totaled 3-3.5 t/ha, winter barley – 2.5-3 t/ha.



Comments of the analysts of APK-Inform

According to the estimates of APK-Inform, in 2014/15 MY grains and legumes general production can exceed 95 mln tonnes (+3% to the rate of 2013/14 MY). Including wheat production at the level of 53.4 mln tonnes (+2.4% to the rate of 2013/14 MY), barley – 16.3 mln tonnes (+6% to the rate of 2013/14 MY). In the season 2014/15 grains exports estimated at the level of 28 mln tonnes, including wheat exports increase to 20 mln tonnes.

Note, that in the current year there were rather unstable weather conditions during development and maturity period. But, the harvesting results were positive. So, it is necessary to wish market participants good prices and weather during the rest harvesting works' period.


Anna Malaya, APK-Inform



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