Ukraine achieved several grain records in 2019/20 MY




In 2019/20 MY, Ukraine produced the record 98 mln tonnes of grain and oilseed crops and exported the record 62 mln tonnes of these products, declared stated the President of the Ukrainian Grain Association, Mykola Gorbachov on June 25.

“Ukraine achieved several records in 2019/20 MY: wheat production – 28.2 mln tonnes (export – 20.5 mln tonnes), corn production – 35.2 mln tonnes (export – 30.3 mln tonnes). There is more to come for the production of these crops as the average yield of Ukrainian wheat is 4 t/ha (8 t/ha in France), and average yield of Ukrainian corn is 7 t/ha (12 t/ha in the USA, Iowa state, where the climate is similar). Therefore, Ukraine has a significant potential to raise the yield and production of grain crops. We are sure that the Ukrainian agriculture will make the new records in the future”, - he mentioned.

M.Gorbachov pointed out that the grain production exceeds 90 mln tonnes in Ukraine over the last three years. He considers that the higher grain yield and more effective farming were the main drivers of production growth.

“UGA expects Ukraine to increase the production of grain and oilseed crops to 113 mln tonnes in the medium term due to better yield results. At the same time, the export of these crops could exceed 70 mln tonnes”, - M.Gorbachov added.