Russia cut export of oilseeds and by-product by 23% in January




According to APK-Inform data, Russia exported 415 thsd tonnes of oilseeds and by-products during January 1-31 via river and sea ports, down by 23.3% compared the previous month (541 thsd tonnes, considering the data update).

By the end of January, soybeans and by-products export totaled 143 thsd tones, including 56 thsd tonnes of soybean oil (up 2 times), 62 thsd tonnes of soybean meal (up 21%) and 26 thsd tonnes of soybeans (up 18%).

The export of sunflower seeds and by-product totaled 243 thsd tones, including 174.4 thsd tonnes of sunflower oil (down 1.5 times) and 68 thsd tonnes (down 32%) of sunflower meal. The export of sunflower seeds was absent.

The deliveries of rapeseed and by-products totaled 29 thsd tonnes (up 1.7 times), including 13 thsd tonnes of rapeseed oil (up 1.7 times) and 16 thsd tonnes of rapeseed meal (up 2.4 times). There was no export of rapeseed.

The main export destinations of Russian oilseeds and by-product in January included Turkey (126.5 thsd tonnes), Iran (61.2 thsd tonnes) and Egypt (24.5 thsd tonnes).

Since the beginning of a current season, port of Rostov-on-Don was a leader in shipments of oilseeds and by-products (888 thsd tonnes), port of Kaliningrad (648 thsd tonnes) took the second place and port of Taman (287 thsd tonnes) took the third position.