Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Qazaqstan: key topics and speakers of grain day




In less than three weeks, the largest agroindustrial conference of the Central Asia - Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Qazaqstan - will take place in Nur-Sultan

Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Qazaqstan-2021 will include two days full of information presented by the leading experts of grain, processing, fat&oil and neighbor markets.

The first conference day - November 17 - will be devoted to the grain market. It will consist of two sessions: 


Grain market in 2021/22 MY: global trends, Kazakh realia
  • Short- and long-term development prospects of Kazakh agroindustrial complex under the influence of weather, economic and geopolitical factors
  • Kazakh grain market trends: features of the season How the trade flows will be distributed under export restrictions and tough balance
  • Kazakh durum market in 2021/22 MY: key trends and export destinations
  • Kazakh grain quality and phytosanitary conditions
  • Russian grain market in 2021/22 MY: key destinations of export and railway transportation. Agricultural cargo traffic between Russia and Kazakhstan
  • Global grain and oilseed market in 2021/22 MY 
Grain processing and storing. Logistics issues
  • Global market of flour and grain by-products: where does the market go?
  • Kazakh flour market: current realia
  • Trends of global demand for groats and flour products
  • Global grain processing trends, prospects of Agri-Food segment
  • Logistics of grain and flour export in Central Asia in 2021/22 MY


Each presentation of analysts, experts and market participants will be like a mini-research providing a full picture of a certain market segment to the participants of the conference. The speakers will not only share their estimations and forecasts, but also will try to answer all questions of the participants of the event.  

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