Information company APK Inform provides accurate forecasts and analytics on globally important issues in the economic and agricultural spheres. News information on the site is presented in small blocks, which allows readers to better understand the material and conduct a complete analysis of the data provided.
Exclusive information is also provided for farmers, which will help owners of large industrial enterprises and agricultural producers optimize their workflow and get 100% results from their activities.

Exclusive materials on the topic of agribusiness

The Information and Analytical Agency provides an opportunity to receive daily exclusive information for farmers from the primary source. Experienced employees of our company always double-check the received data in order to offer subscribers only verified information. We guarantee 100% uniqueness of news on the pages, therefore we have a high rating among analytical agencies in Ukraine.

Exclusive agribusiness topics are presented in several categories:

  • Topic. It publishes exclusive information in the field of economics, business, agriculture and the impact of the political situation on farmers in the CIS countries.
  • Opinion. In this category, the news agency publishes its own view of the agro-economic situation in the country.
  • Dossier. It contains exclusive data on the activities of farmers around the world (China, Turkey, Vietnam, Morocco, etc.).
  • Results. In the section APK-inform sums up the results for the past month and publishes its own conclusions about the export market and the agro-industrial complex.

The reader can read any news topic for the past period, since they are all stored on the online resource. The “Share” button is available to users, so they can spread important information on social networks.

Our target audience

The geography of visits to our resource is 50% of Ukrainian residents, 40-45% of users from CIS and 5-10% of farmers from all over the world. Exclusive topics of the agro-industrial complex will be of interest to industry workers:

  • agro-industry;
  • Agriculture;
  • economy;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • trading;
  • logistics.

Daily fresh information, monitoring of the economic, geopolitical and environmental situation will allow the owners of large public and private agricultural enterprises to look into the essence of the problems and optimize production.