Grain Forum - good harvest has to be good news





Odessa is glorious not only by its beauty, charm and coloration. Odessa is a sort of a symbol of Ukrainian grain market. To begin with, it is the export gates of the grain market — most of grain terminals are situated in the ports of Odessa where are shipped nearly 55% of the whole grain export volume. There is also a very symbolical hystorical fact which claims that the first number of GAFTA's contract on the shipping of wheat was tied up by the company of Lui Dreyfus from the port called Odessa.

APK-Inform Agency decided to enhance the significance of Odessa for grain market, conducting the international conference "Grain Forum-2013: production, trading, logistics" in Odessa which took place in May, 21-23 in hotel "Bristol". The event has a special significance for Ukrainian grain market and was organized for 12 times. As a reminder, the history of all events of APK-Inform Agency and industry conferences in Ukraine has started from Grain Forum — 2002. It was APK-Inform who became the first mover of conference trend!

It was very pleasant to see among the participants of "Grain Forum-2013" which take part in the events organized by the Agency not only in Ukraine but in other countries over a number of years. Among them there are: SGS Ukraine, Atlanta-Agro, Buhler AG, KMZ Industries, APK Corporation, Myronivsky Hliboproduct, Cotecna Ukraine Limited, Creative, Intertek Ukraine, Cargill A. T., VA Intertrading Ukraine, CHS Ukraine, etc. Certainly, it was great to greet companies which are new  for our conference and also people who, despite the changes in their lives, again took part in the conference, presenting their new firms.

As usual, Grain Forum is conducted at the end of the season in order to sum up the results of the expiring MY and define the prospects of grain market work in the new season. Due to the vast program, the event gathers the participants of almost all segments of the grain market — agriproducers, recyclers, traders, logistics specialists. This year the geography of participants was also wide and represented by 33 countries that shows the great world interest towards the situation on the Ukrainian grain market.