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Records of the year

During 5 months of 2013/14 MY Ukraine exported the record volumes of grains through the ports

According to the market monitoring by experts of APK-Inform Agency, in July-November period of 2013 the volume of grain exports through the ports of Ukraine reached the record high index during five recent seasons at the level of 13.57 mln tonnes. So, in the same period of 2012/13 MY Ukraine exported 12.04 mln tonnes of grains only, in 2011/12 MY - 7.6 mln tonnes, in 2010/11 MY - 6.03 mln tonnes, in 2009/10 MY - 12.6 mln tonnes.

It should be noted that in the reporting period of the season-2013/14 wheat shipments totaled 6 mln tonnes, barley - 2.08 mln tonnes, maize – 5.49 mln tonnes.

In particular, in November 2013 the shipments of grains through the ports of Ukraine totaled 4.2 mln tonnes, as opposed to 3.5 mln tonnes in the same period in 2012. So, in November 2013 the shipments of maize formed the largest share in the structure of grain exports - 3.3 mln tonnes, against 1.7 mln tonnes in the same period of the previous year. As for the shipments of wheat and barley, the indices totaled 753.4 thsd tonnes and 128.4 thsd tonnes, respectively.

In September 2013 Ukraine exported the record volumes of rapeseed

In September 2013 Ukraine exported 473.9 thsd tonnes of rapeseed, which became the maximum index compared with the same month periods of four recent seasons. It should be reminded that the export volumes in the previous two months (July -August) of the current season also broke the record of supplies for the above mentioned periods.

In September France (22%), the Netherlands (20%) and Belgium (19%) became the key directions for exports of Ukrainian rapeseed. The companies Alfred C. Toepfer (59.6 thsd tonnes), Serna (59.4 thsd tonnes), Nibulon (41.6 thsd tonnes), and Cargill (41.3 tonnes) became the largest companies-exporters of the oilseed.

During the I quarter of 2013/14 MY the exports of Ukrainian rapeseed already totaled 1.27 mln tonnes, which almost corresponds to the export volume for the entire 2012/13 MY. We should add that according to operative data, in the period of October 1-24 Ukraine inspected nearly 248.4 thsd tonnes of rapeseed for exports.

In 2013 Ukraine produced the record harvest of sunflower seed – N.Prisyazhnyuk

In the current year Ukrainian agrarians produced the record harvest of sunflower seed - 10.6 mln tonnes, due to the high yield of the oilseed, which increased by 28% compared with the previous year, declared Nikolai Prisyazhnyuk, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, on November 21.

He also noted that Ukraine has enough capacities for the oilseed processing, as during recent years the fat-and-oil industry realizes many investment projects to increase the index.

According to the Head of the Ministry, it is very important, because Ukraine does not export the raw materials, but the value-added commodities.

In November 2013 Russia broke the record for maize exports

According to the official statistics data, in November 2013 maize exports from Russia totaled 589.1 thsd tonnes, an increase of 40% compared with the previous maximum indices achieved in April 2012 (419.9 thsd tonnes).

In the reporting month South Korea (42%, 247 thsd tonnes) and Turkey (30%, 179.4 thsd tonnes) became the main countries-importers of Russian maize.

It should also be noted that in November 2013 the export volumes of Russian maize exceeded the index of November 2012 in 2.3 times (257.9 thsd tonnes), and the previous month results in 2.5 times (242.4 thsd tonnes).

In November Russia broke a new record in refined oils production

According to official statistics data, in November 2013 Russia produced 214.4 thsd tonnes of refined vegetable oils, an increase of 1% compared with the previous record, which was observed in October 2013 - 212.7 thsd tonnes.

In particular, in the reporting month the production of specified commodities increased in the Northwestern Federal District (up 2 thsd tonnes compared with the indices of October 2013; to 8.3 thsd tonnes), the Southern District (up 1.2 thsd tonnes; to 100.6 thsd tonnes), the Siberian District (up 0.7 thsd tonnes; to 6.1 thsd tonnes) and the Ural District (up 0.2 thsd tonnes; to 5.5 thsd tonnes).

At the same time, in 4 Federal Districts the reporting indicator decreased: the Central (down 0.8 thsd tonnes; to 52.6 thsd tonnes), the North Caucasian (down 35 thsd tonnes; to 46 thsd tonnes), the Volga (down 1.1 thsd tonnes; to 39.1 thsd tonnes), and the Far Eastern (down 0.5 thsd tonnes; to 2 thsd tonnes) Districts.

Generally, during the first three months of 2013/14 MY Russia produced 592.4 thsd tonnes of refined vegetable oils, up 12% compared with the same period of the previous season.


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