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Export market of wheat flour - first results of 2013/14 MY

Most participants of the Ukrainian export wheat flour market state the insufficient government control on the grain prices increase is still the major problem of the flour-milling industry. The additional ones are cars deficit, lack of modern machinery and high prime-cost for processing due to the valuable energy materials. At the same time, in the recent few seasons Ukrainian flour millers have been able to gain the production output and flour exports, and the consumers of the stated commodities – to decrease imports. Thus, according to the data of APK-Inform, in the period of July-January 2013/14 MY Ukraine imported 1.58 thsd tonnes of flour as opposed to 2,36 thsd tonnes of the same period in 2012/13 MY. In the stated period, the exports increased by 14% - to 133.56 thsd tonnes as opposed to 11.26 thsd tonnes in 2012/13 MY.

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