Middle East Grains & Oils Congress 2019: triumphant return to Egypt




The team of APK-Inform Agency continued the tradition of holding of the annual conference events in the key countries-importers of major types of agricultural products, and in March 2019 organized the international conference Middle East Grains & Oils Congress, focused on the milestone events of the grain and oilseed market sectors, as well as the global trading prospects. On March 11-12, 2019, more than 200 delegates from 20 countries, the major global agrostars, as well as the unique speakers, gathered together in the heart of Egypt — Cairo, to discuss the main prospects and issues of the industry.

We decided to hold the fifth anniversary Middle East Grains & Oils Congress in Egypt, renewing the long-standing tradition of our first international conference in Sharm El Sheikh in 2006.

But why Egypt? The several recent season, the country became one of the main sales markets and the TOP-importer on the global market. Egypt is not only the dynamic growth of consumption of the main grain crops in terms of the constant growth of population, which makes the country as one of the main sales markets of grains from Ukraine and Russia, but also it brings the amazing market prospects in the sector of soybeans and edible oils. Thus, it is worth noting the active growth of the imports of soybeans (3.3 mln tonnes in 2018/19 MY, against 1.3 mln tonnes in 2015/16 MY) and sunflower oil (0.5 mln tonnes, against 300 thsd tonnes, respectively), which opens new prospects even for the USA in view of the recent developments and trade wars.

It should be no surprise that in the current year, the Cairo conference received many sponsors. Thus, TRANS-OIL GROUP, the leading agro-industrial holding of the Republic of Moldova, became the General Sponsor of the event. The company has a wide range of business activities, including farming, oilseeds crushing, grain handling and storage, the production of flour, international commodities trading, such as vegetable oils in bulk and bottled oil, etc. At the same time, United Oil Processing and Packaging, the Egyptian large-scale company-processors of fats and oilseed crops, became the Exclusive Sponsor. In addition, the following companies were the conference sponsors: COTECNA, Myande, Rohi Somon, Avellum, EFKO, as well as the group of companies UkrAgroCom and Hermes Trading.

The Minister of Supply and Internal Trade of Egypt, Dr. Ali El Mesalhy became the special guest of the conference, he made his welcoming speech in the official opening of the event, and highly appreciated the agenda and good organization level of the event. Also, the President of Trans-Oil Group of Companies, Vazha Dzhashi made a welcoming speech within the opening ceremony.

On the first day and the first session of Middle East Grains & Oils Congress, the participants focused on discussing the prospects and challenges of working on the Egyptian market and realization of the commercial activities. At the same time, within frames of the event the experts will consider the legal aspects of grain trading in the Middle East and North Africa region, the qualitative characteristics and testing methods of grain crops of various origin, as well as the latest international developments, and analysis methods of the projects within the current wave of innovations.