Sunflower oil in Ukraine: refining and packing




For the recent decade, the market segment of sunflower oil refining in Ukraine demonstrated the upward trend in development, despite some decline in the production volumes in certain years of the reporting period. Some instability of refined oil production developed, due to its sensitivity to various changes in the structure of domestic consumption of oils and fats in the country, which, in turn, are the result of price fluctuations for any particular type of the domestic or imported vegetable oil. At the same time, the exports of Ukrainian refined sunflower oil demonstrated the more confident bullish trend, and even in the short periods of decline in production, the exports continued increasing or remained stable. The trend appeared, due to some reduction of the domestic consumption, as well as the attractiveness of export trading of the value-added products. The fact is quite positive for the fat-and-oil sector of Ukraine, as well as the whole Ukrainian economy, because the processing industry increased the consumption volumes of crude sunflower oil, and the export share of refined sunflower oil also continued growing.

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