US agrimarket: under pressure of pandemic and crude oil — Zsolt Vincze (Part 2. Wheat trading to become the most stable)




For 3-6 following months, wheat trading will become the most stable market segment among other crops, and the prices will depend on development of the situation in the major countries-producers of the grain.

At the same time, since the date of signing of the agreement of the Phase 1 of negotiations between the USA and China, there has been observed that China started contracting US sorghum and winter wheat, as well as small-scale batches of soybeans. At the same time, China still prefers importing soybeans from Brazil. It is unlikely that the current dynamics of trade will somehow change in the near future, because according to the terms of the signed agreement, China will purchase US soybeans, if the market conditions become favourable only. In other words, if Brazil proposes the cheaper soybeans, then China will continue importing the Brazilian oilseed, as well as the products from the USA, which China needs at that moment.

During the exclusive interview with the expert and Deputy Vice-President at the leading US investment company R.J. O'Brien, Zsolt Vincze, he discussed with the Marketing Director at APK-Inform Agency, Svitlana Synkovska, the recent expectations for development of agricultural trade relations between the USA and China.