Major grains in Ukraine and Russia in 2020 — APK-Inform forecast




In Ukraine, there is still no critical impact of the main factors on the future harvest development. At the same time, irregularity and fluctuation of the weather conditions continue significantly increasing the risks, and may contribute to multiple re-examination of the forecasts.

According to the recent estimations by APK-Inform analysts, in 2020/21 MY the production of grains and pulses in Ukraine will reduce by 9% compared with the current season figures of 75.1 mln tonnes, and reach 68.7 mln tonnes.

In addition, the forecast of grains production in Russia in 2020 is more optimistic, and totals 125 mln tonnes, up 3% compared with the last year figures.

You can receive more detailed information about estimations of the general harvest of grains and pulses in Ukraine and Russia in 2020/21 MY from the speech of the expert of APK-Inform Agency, Irina Ozip, within frames of the online-conference "Ukraine. Russia. Kazakhstan: updates and forecasts", whose video is available on our Youtube-channel APK-INFORM.