Ukraine harvested more than 6.3 mln tonnes of grain crops




As of July 9, agrarians of almost all oblasts of Ukraine started the harvesting campaign of grains and pulses. They harvested 6.34 mln tonnes of grains throughout 1.934 mln ha (13% of the plan) informed the press-service of the Ministry for Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture on July 3.

In particular, agrarians harvested 2.92 mln tonnes of wheat throughout 918 thsd ha (14%), 3.03 mln tonnes of barley throughout 870 thsd ha (38%).

Moreover, farmers harvested 158 thds tonnes of peas throughout 84 thsd ha (36%).

The harvesting campaign of rapeseed was carried throughout the areas of 2,49 thsd ha, the production volumes reached 3,85 thsd tonnes.

Particularly, farmers of Kherson oblast harvested 1.407 mln tonnes of grains throughout 394 thsd ha, Mykolayiv oblast – 1.313 mln tonnes throughout 451 thsd ha, Dnipropetrovsk oblast – 0.91 mln tonnes throughout 261 thsd ha and Zaporizhia oblast oblast – 0.88 mln tonnes throughout 239 thsd ha.