Ukrainian peas: will we see the growth of production and export?




APK-Inform forecasted the production of peas at 628 thsd tonnes in Ukraine in 2020/21 MY, up 10% compared to the last season, when the crop declined significantly. At the same time, the expected volume is 15% lower than the average level of last four seasons. The extension of planted areas to be the main reason of output surplus, while the average yield of peas could decline slightly.

“Ukraine could export 450 thsd tonnes of peas in 2020/21 MY, up 7% compared to 2019/20 MY. The export is one of the main drivers of the peas market. The growth of export prices in 2019/20 MY was one of the factors for the extension of planted areas in 2020”, - the analysts of APK-Inform said.

Taking into account the possible weather and trade risks, the production and export estimations could be revised not once.

More detailed information about the season-2020/21 and long-term prospects of the market of pulses will be discussed within the online conference Niche: focus on pulses to be held on July 30.