Weather raises the chance to set the new record of corn crop in Ukraine




Ukraine is harvesting early grains at full speed, and now it is time to estimate the prospects for late crops. Changes in structure of crops and agro-climatic conditions let us to make the optimistic forecast for the main late crop – corn.

APK-Inform estimated the planted area under corn of the harvest-2020 at the record 5.4 mln ha. In June, there were some concerns regarding the yield of corn. However, the weather conditions allowed to make positive adjustments and now the yield is expected at 7 t/ha. Thus, the production of corn could set the new record – 36.6 mln tonnes.


You can get more detailed information about the prospects for Ukrainian grain market in the new season at our GMD Conference 2020: Summer Edition, to be held on August 20 in Odessa. We will be glad to share the most interesting information, forecasts and expectations.