Chickpeas and lentil regain their potential in Ukraine – CPPCU




The pandemic of the coronavirus adjusted to the global stocks of pulses that declined significantly. This leads to the price growth and stirs up interest of farmers to produce peas, chickpeas and lentil, declared the Chairman of the Board, President of the Community of Pulse Producers and Customers of Ukraine (CPPCU), Antonina Sklyarenko within the online conference Niche: focus on pulses on July 30.

“The narrowing of the planted area under pulses in Ukraine was observed in 2019 and 2020. However, we saw the extension of area under peas and beans. The area under chickpeas and lentil declined sharply due to the decrease of demand from India and the high stocks accumulated within the years of peak pulses production”, - the expert pointed out.

A.Sklyarenko emphasized the necessity for pulses producers to cooperate as it will let to develop the processing segment and get the added value. However, farmers need to have a wide information program to get the external experience.