Ukraine harvested 80 mln tonnes of grain




As of November 25, Ukrainian farmers harvested 79.7 mln tonnes of grains and pulses with the yield of 5.2 t/ha throughout 15.2 mln ha (95% of the plan), informs the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food.

Ukraine continues harvesting corn. Farmers harvested 35.1 mln tonnes of corn with the yield of 7.33 t/ha throughout 4.8 mln ha (87% of the plan). 8 oblasts have already completed corn harvesting.

Agrarians harvested 110.7 thsd tonnes of buckwheat and 184.7 thsd tonnes of millet. Harvesting campaign of these grains is completed.

Additionally, agrarians harvested 16.2 mln tonnes of sunflower seed with the yield of 2.5 t/ha throughout 6.476 mln ha (99%), 3.4 mln tonnes of soybean with the yield of 2.67 t/ha throughout 1.3 mln ha (100%). 19 oblasts completed sunflower seed harvesting, 22 oblasts finished soybean gathering.

Besides, farmers harvested 10.5 mln tonnes of sugar beet throughout 222.7 thsd ha (98%).