Weather was mainly favorable for winter crops in mid-May in Ukraine




In the second ten-day period of May, agro-meteorological conditions were mixed across Ukraine. Generally, they are estimated as satisfactory, and mainly favorable for winter crops, Ukrhydrometcenter informed.

Soil moisture content remained moderate due to the absence of high temperatures and sometimes chill weather.

As of May 20, the soil moisture was sufficient and optimal for the current development phase of winter crops. Only in Odessa, Kherson and some regions of central oblasts the soil moisture content declined to insufficient for further vegetation of winter crops.

In central regions, particularly in Poltava oblast, where the amount of precipitations was 25-40% out of norm during mid-April – May period, the efficient soil moisture reserves were decreasing fast under winter crops. For spring crops, soil moisture was slightly better.

In western regions, the absence of efficient precipitations, low air humidity and winds promoted the drying of topsoil.

Not enough amount of the efficient heat remained the negative factor in the second ten-day period of May. It negatively affected growth and development of warm-weather crops.