ALFÖLDGABONA Kft – reliable service in connection with agricultural activity




ALFÖLDGABONA Kft was established on 21st December 2006 in Komadi , Hungary. Its dynamic improvement is backed by the fact that the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hajdú-Bihar County has recorded our company as a paramount taxpayer since 2009.

ALFÖLDGABONA Kft motto: Flexibility, Reliability, Partnership.


It is very important for Ukrainian farmers and traders to find a new market for trading, especially in countries such as Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. Anyway it's very difficult to transport millions of tons of cereals with railway but we are ready to discuss and find new ways of cooperating.

Kuti Péter, Sales Manager, Head of trade department

The main target of ALFÖLDGABONA Kft. is to provide reliable service in connection to agricultural activity. It is also crucial for us that our activity can cover the entire sector from production to ultimate customers.

ALFÖLDGABONA Kft is trading 100.000 MT of grains/year and looking for Ukrainian collaborators.

ALFÖLDGABONA Kft focuses on the feed corn and milling and feed wheat delivered to Zahony custom. The company is interested also in rapeseed, sunflowerseed and soybeans, all GMO free!
ALFÖLDGABONA Kft undertakes the transportation, storage, warehousing and full-scale trade of agricultural bulk products, and the distribution of fertilizers.
We continue our current strategy and strive to acquire more partners.


The main activities of the company are:

Cereal trade:

Complete wholesale trade of agricultural crops (maize, barley, wheat, triticale, sunflower, rape, rye).

Somodi Attila
+40 770 141 243
[email protected]

Tamás Kótai
+36 20 805 815
[email protected]

Seed- Input material

Our company has begun the production of agricultural plants; the necessary input materials can be ordered or purchased at the premise of the company. A wide selection of these products is available to our existing and new partners. In addition to commercial activity, full-scale plant protection service and consultancy are provided at the premise.

Attila Beregi
Trade of input materials
Plant manager
+36 30 721 3305
[email protected]